We specialise in the servicing of all Mitsubishi vehicles.


We do all major and minor repairs to Mitsubishi vehicles.


We believe that a proper well tested designed conversion on any petrol or diesel engine can have huge benefits with regards to better kw, nm and fuel consumption with in the engines reliable capabilities.

4x4 Adventures

We love the brand Mitsubishi as these vehicles are really for the enthusiast thus we enjoy taking ourselves with our amazing vehicles a bit off the beaten track and into the wild

4x4 Accesories & Mods

We supply and manufacture all accesories and modifications for Mitsubishi vehicles.

About Us

Mitsi Tech Performance was established after Arnold Venter closed CRD down due to personal reasons in 2015 when Arnold consulted to MMER. After the contract expired consulting at MMER Arnold and Yolande Venter started operating a Mitsubishi Vehicle specialist workshop from 39 Penzance Avenue Alberton under the name Mitsi Tech Performance in 2016. Arnold’s 25 odd years’ experience and qualifications in the Automotive industries specifically on Mitsubishi vehicles with he’s Technical Aviation qualified approach in conjunction with Yolande’ s admin skills established the name Mitsi Tech Performance very well in the Mitsubishi verternaty, currently we are one of the biggest non franchised Mitsubishi workshops/outlets in the borders of RSA and we are growing from strength to strength. We strive to give our clients the best value for money when it comes to advice, workmanship , service and performance with the highest level of intelligence and integrity. We are building a brand which we believe our customers and supporters can merge themselves with in the society with pride and dignity at Mitsi Tech Performance
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